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Welcome to UB®, UniverseBoard. What it's all about, downloading, redeeming, subcribing and alot of fun! In the most best part what to do that you can sometimes download or order Free at anytime... When this site entertains you, be pleased to visit each day to catch up with new updates and more!  Please use '?' mark to identify the meaning or bring back "Help menu". This site is higly-created by all other co-workers who had worked as in Yola since 2007. A copyright of 2000-2009, with Unfortune area's which might get you to see the world In-Outside  Places. ? whats this.

This Site is sealed by security "Kaspersky 2010" and "UB Outboard Secure10" with extra "Norton Security".

No need to worry on anything so strange, hacks and all other emotions that are compitable with other Unprotected Sites. Please Notice: That when strong language or if offensive words were sent to you. Click on "UB.com" with the Right-Click, and use "Report", accounts which are reported shall be Out of hand, in which no allowence for using your account for 1day. Charging allowence in which you might not be allowed to enter in...

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Playstation®3 + Metal Gear Solid 4 (Game) + 1 Controller + Solid Playstation® Style (Brown Solid) + 40GB:

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*Paypal account/ Credit Card/ MyWallet.

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*Telephone No. Required

*Address required for ordering

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[PLAYSTATION® 3 ] System, which you offered.


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Only available in UnitedKingdom, United Arab Emarites, Saudi Arabia, United States.

Your choice might not work if your not compitabled to those Countries, the Address you enter which isn't correct might not work in anyway, CHOTICMAP™ will locate the address you enter and will serve you the ordery. Other address's you enter might not be located, will not be delivered, a message will be sent back to the Email Owner Orderer rejecting and disabling the delivery.



Read The catalog careful for Timing and payment Options Available.


1-3Days Timing:


UAE: 1-3Days Free 

SA:    1-3Days Free

UK:    1-3Days Free

US:    1-3Days Free


1-2Days Timing:


UAE: 1-2Days  89.00AED 

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UK:    1-2Days  $54.00 

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1Day Timing:


UAE:  1Day   137.20AED

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UK:     1Day   $99.99

US:     1Day   $39.99


Please Order ASAP, and we will serve you AQAP.

Notice that Ordery and free shipping doesn't mean Free House Discovery. If Delivery Cargo arrives, and gives you your Ordery Things $5.00 Must be payed for General Rules of US/UK. If you ordered in United Emarites/ Saudi Arabia  you may not have to pay anything for Generals Rules, the GRPS are disabled along time. Contact us from www.Ordery901.net and get your registery there! Or Call 555-218-7190 for any servery registration!

              Fury ™

            Full Download Here

Get Fury™Online now, Free Full Download! Get sticky in the Informations and follow the steps:

1- First, in order to play Fury™ you will need to create a Fury™player account at: www.UnleashTheFury.com/Account/ 

And choose "Game Account", when requested to do so, please enter this unique 25Digits activation key:

                                           AUTHORISATION KEY:


Or enter the "Key" at www.codemasters.com Enter the authourisation key in the "Game Search". And it soon will appear in! The one's who owned the game and lost their account visit www.Fury.net/GamersAccountList/Support to see all Users Account and Enter your DD/MM/YYYY or Age and Name, and it will be on Soon, they'll give you the Password of your Account!

2- Download Requirements: Game requires.

Mini Download:

*Windows XP(512MB RAM) / Windows Vista(2GB RAM)

*Pentuim 4.2GHz or equivalent

*NVIDIA® GeForce 4Tior, ATIRadeon 9600,128Mb VRAM


*Windows XP(1GB RAM)

*Vista(3GB RAM)

*Intel Core 2 Duo

*NVIDIA® GeForce 7600 series or ATI Radeon x 1600, 2gMb VRAM

Please get incontact and Download when you see fit or suitable for your system.


Please Note: That Every Word typed from this tittle, is related and copied Originally from Game Pack! And is copied from Game Pack Manual for people who doesn't have the game. Updating is required for 20,000,000KB which takes more than 12Hours for success of Downloading High-Definition if you chosen Recommended Download, if Mini Download then it contains 4,390,106KB which takes more than 2Hours to Completely Update it. Please Enjoy!






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Unreal™ Technologhy






Fury is copyright 2007 of Auran Game Pty Ltd.All rights reserved "Auran" the Auranm logo is ", "Fury", and fury logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Auran Holdings Pty Ltd. All other trademarks are properties of theri respective owners and are used with permission.

Thank you for joining and following the steps, Get Started Here

Create Account Here

    GUESS WHAT ?! ...

The latest brand new stuff are on tonight! Just as you thought, goodbye old randomized crap and welcome back Mr.2010

What this is all about just a New controls, items legal! And using the new "UniverseBoard.810" can allow you to get your orders soon free!

 With All FreePriceCost wouldn't be affectful, remainless stuff are increasing pretty good! Get rid of AFPC immediately or might currupt some files provided given to be free, click here to get rid of it. Or click here to Fix or to let UB select the rightful space to delete or remove.

Atlast the best
$30 decreases 50% of 75%...


LOSING ONLY  ( $2.59 ) and update your old version.

Make sure to download UniverseBoard and start uploading what you think is fair and good! At www.UB.com


Themes available now! Just enter from your mobile phone, and pick your themes. More instructions visit:

www.wix.com/Xemness/Catterpill   Remmember to charge, free and download as much as in your heater turn high!

Themes available at Store now!! Free and Paid choices available!

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Cool recharges, mostly are ( Gothic, Emo, Rock'n, Guitars, Tattooes and etc.)

There are alot of different themes...

The main site, Universe was provided with for themes is:


Are you ready to move on to store?

Click here to navigate to the next page of store.

www.universeboard.yolasite.com/Store this link might be easier Manually!



Konami® has joined last 3days from now, and bought us some uncurrupted data file in which some part of downloads that still exists.

Consuming its own blog, and Bio. that it has some particular job of opening new Data prolog file detectiontal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots was displaying a perfect highlights in which any other certain blogs may deploy Disabled host line or disconneting problems. Although its correct for the newest collection releasing productives. Check Konami catalog, there's a new feature of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots downloads awaiting you!

A new catalog has been added in, "Capcom®". With this catalog, we will give you Street Fighters III and IV for free on PC or Xbox360 contact download. Please check Capcom and find it yourself. Capcom will entertain you all to give extra SEGA® contents all a head! Full of Fighting style and more games full of action also extreme packs are ready too! Read Help Guide Menu for more info.

                              SQUARE ENIX

SQUARE ENIX™ has joined our session, and now a new category has been added "SQUARE ENIX™". Join now on alot of Final Fanatasy collection. Open the new category and find whats not yet found!


Are you lost? Contact us now at www.ElectronicArts.com/TheSims/ and be pleased to join our best ENOMINATED USERS to gain $300.00 Sim Points for any use of The Sims™/ The Sims™2/ The Sims™3 and all other Sim Stuff Unlock! Please Visit www.TheSims.co.uk  and visit the official site www.EALand.com and search for The Sim™Blogs and Downloads.

            QURCH XI Qnline 

              13-DAYS TRIAL


Register at OurchOnline™ now, free trial, Create Devils, Angels, Warriors, Workers, Kamaels, Aions, Raiders and Rangers! Start fighting in an unknow terretory, defeat Monsters and Demoned Samurai Warriors. Fight for Honour , lets see how you really look like in Strategy Games. The world will end soon, stop all monsters and enemies facing you and start saving your friends and people.

                                      ACTIVATION CODE:


Get 13-Days Trial OurchOnline™ and for (Full Game Download) Proceed to Store or visit www.wix.com/Xemnes/OurchOnline

SQUARE ENIX™ Visual Art Work, with Yoshinomo Tech. Enclopedia Co, ltd.

UBISOFT SQUARE ENIX™ Games, with High Definition on Windows VISTA and XP only.


Don't wonder around! On this level, the chance to release and declare Pusblishity to the world of Top Pops Up! Get in 2 of 10,000,000,000 Lucky Millionare Winners on 2009, ready to go on 2010? Starting lately this programm requires  78% Percentage of Computer Wizzing.

Although others may follow those steps|

1- First, open "CMD" from Start, on ToolBar. And get start, to open internet wave.1 which means www.Games.net/OSVC.co.uk and then get ready to type "Net Users" and pick your user. (Remember: Using a user, might make some exchangements in Redirecting or Redecidments depending on the User's FeedBack Forum. If its 0%, the user is rejected! and When requested to type "GAMES.OSD.LCD,LA" it wont work! First get a FeedBack Forum Here.


2- After getting your first FeedBack Forum, or even if you had used one, you must proceed into and type [ / DELETE] and then get the information though corrected and checked on! After that, Game will be served as quick as possible! And afcourse the programm shows Games Online live using Game.OSD™ which highlights you much more Article Of Registery,  and though continously you'll get automaticlly Recharges everytime you join in and get pass there!


3- The Utility Data of GAME.OSD/Wave.1 must be restored or saved then though the file must be inserted probably, and here you are with 1,000,000,000Games to download with cost of Free!

 Playstation®3 Slim Edition, 2010!

Its arrival was finominous, but yet un-seakable. Some people said 250GB causes damage when downloading more than 4contents. This Playstation®3 Slim (250GB). $125 Funds for PSN (Playstation®Network) and get a wireless analog stick free included with it.

Still 450,007,901 people ordered! Make sure that Paypal is after the Amazon.com. Put in mind, that a detail sent carefully in. After you enter credit details, you will be sent Immediately to eu.playstation.com and will join the new PTOM Playstation-TheOriginalMagazine.

After submitting, you should order the system using Ordery901

 This system, has 3+Games with 3 additional (Full Pack Downloads) available in download list.

Remmember that: when opening or checking for funds. Never unprocess or do not allow any users to get in! Create atleast 5users, for the effect of Playstation®3 won't be currupted.

Order now!

Price: $89.00, $78.00  (Final Price)

Special price for the opening of UB.IV, also Free Shipping and yet a special 12Downloadable games added in download list:




4)Echochrome 2

5)LittleBigPlanet All Dowloadable Contents of 2008/2009

6) Bomberman:The Sourth Sarth Edition

7)Batman Arkham Asylum: Joker Play.1/Batman play.2 (Add-On)

8)Buzz! All collection Packs

9)Watchmen part 1/part 2 additional (Full Game) play

10)Star Wars: The Original PS3 Online Gaming (Latest One) 2010


12) Playstation®Home (135 Free Clothing Style)

And so it still on, and on....

Only in the 50States. Free Shipping


                  Buy System


The best of All:

-Get either your first or last ordery free Shipping.

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-Download either free or Full Mini-Games with just a type search.

-Store/ Repair/ How to and all.

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